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Advocate for safe neighborhoods
and victim support


We are sensitive to others and concerned for their well-being.


We act with integrity, honesty, reliability, and loyalty.


We treat every person by the golden rule, with tolerance and acceptance.


We are accountable for our words, actions, and attitudes while exhibiting self-control.


We are involved in community affairs as good neighbors, with respect to authority and the law.

About Central Division Victims Services

MISSION: Central Division Victim Services (CDVS) is to foster a safe, prosperous, and resilient community with a focus of advocating for safe neighborhoods while supporting survivors of trauma due to violence. 

VISION STATEMENT: The vision is to be a leader that advocates for victims and witnesses of crime in North & Central Philadelphia. Our vision also includes building bridges to create safer communities and to be seen as the community-based organization that connects resources to the neighborhoods as well as clients we serve.

Our Values

Central Division Victim Services values five principles in serving individuals who are victims or witnesses of crime. When engaging the community, we embody the values of Caring, Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, and Citizenship. These values are the standards that we measure as leaders when building relationships in the community.

Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Central Division Victim Services is a community based comprehensive victim services organization. We serve all types of crime victims in the 6th, 9th and 22nd Police District in North and Central Philadelphia. Our purpose is to educate, prevent, and respond in our neighborhoods as a partner in bringing the resources that will address the recovery trauma from victimization. Our organization is dedicated to assisting all individuals, regardless of race, age, color, national origin, disability, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and/or gender identity/expression.

Our Focus

  • Education/Awareness: Increase community awareness of victims’ rights and services.
  • Leadership: Be a community leader and stakeholder
  • Sustainability: Establishing community trust as well as resources in achieving our mission.
  • Program Services: To address the neighborhood gaps in serving crime victims in a trauma-informed approach.
  • Community Engagement: To be a strong community partner. Build strong relationships within our neighborhoods to achieve our mission.

Our History

North Central Victim Services and Center City Crime Victim Services joined their efforts to serve Center City and North Philadelphia neighborhoods. The merging of these two victim service agencies formed Central Division Victim Services whose mission it is to provide a safe, prosperous, and resilient community with a focus on advocating for safe neighborhoods while supporting survivors of trauma due to violence. Before merging, both community-based victim services had a long history of serving and responding to victims of crime in many diverse populations.


Our Leadership


Ericka Gaines: Director of Communities That Care (CTC) & Prevention Programs

Tijania Goodwin: Community Awareness & Women on the Rise Coordinator

Gabrielle Rainey: Director of Victim Services

Jim Schofield: Director of Operations


Athena Angulo: Victim Advocate

Nelleke Stallings: Victim Advocate

Kathryn Wylde: Victim Advocate

Julia Lu: Mandarin Victim Advocate

Jaycie Hricak: Data Impact & Volunteer Coordinator, Victim Advocate


Ethan Thornton: PATH Neighborhood Advisor

Shirley Vance: PATH Neighborhood Advisor


23-24 Board Members

Mary Archer: Board Chairperson
Charles Leone: Vice Chairperson
Jeffrey Tisoit: Treasurer

John Zhang
Clifford Mobley
Maureen Holland